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Choosing a Male Chastity Marriage

When it comes to a successful male chastity marriage, there are some things that both you and your partner need to consider. The first thing is that this type of lifestyle is a fairly drastic change compared to other fetishes out there. You need to sit down with your partner so that both of you can discuss your need to wear these chastity devices and come to some kind of compromise with each other on when and how long you are going to be wearing them. Of course, if you are in a Master/slave relationship, then there isn’t going to be much of a discussion.

You need to understand that you will both have to work hard at making a male chastity marriage actually work. This isn’t something that you can just play around with and hope to gain any insight into the person you really are. This is a fetish that requires discipline on your part and understanding by your partner. If you just decide that you are going to wear one of these devices without letting your partner have any say in it, you might find yourself without a partner before too long.

You should also realize that having a successful male chastity marriage doesn’t mean that you have to give up on sexual contact altogether. There are plenty of things that you and your partner can do together in the bedroom that doesn’t require you to take off your chastity device. Of course, you are going to have to figure out the things that you can do that won’t immediately cause you to have an erection. The main thing is for you to let your partner know that you are still going to be there for them any chance you might get in order to keep them happy.

You may find that living with a male chastity marriage will actually end up turning you into a chastity slave at some point in the future. If you have discussed this aspect of your life with your partner and they are willing to work with it for you, then there is a good chance that they will find a way of using you to please themselves sexually. It may not start out as a slave based relationship, but it could very well turn into one the longer you are wearing your device.

Something that any male chastity marriage needs to do is pick out the chastity devices that you are going to be wearing. The easiest way of doing this is to go to and take a look at what they have to offer. They have some really great beginner’s cages that you can use if you have never done anything like this before but are curious about it. The beginner’s cages will give you a chance to understand what this fetish is all about without making you feel like you have overstepped your own personal comfort zone in any way.

If you are unsure of whether your male chastity marriage is actually going to work out for you because you don’t think your partner would understand your curiosity about using items of this nature, there is a way to deal with that. The only thing you can do is sit down with them and talk about it. You will never know if they will be willing to go along with your decision if you don’t at least ask them what they think, and even if they don’t like the idea, you won’t have to live with the regret of never finding out one way or the other.

You might be able to find some great male chastity marriage forums out there on the Internet that will help married couples that are new to this lifestyle. There are plenty of people that have gone through the same thing that you are going through right now with this decision, and they will have a lot of helpful information for you. It only takes a little bit of time to search around online for this kind of information, and with your partner by your side; you could end up finding a way of making your marriage last for years and still wear your chastity devices on a regular basis.

There are different aspects to the male chastity marriage that are going to change over the years depending on how long you have been married. The first one that you will notice is the ability to keep your erections under control even if you are not wearing a chastity device from This is an ability that takes a decent amount of time to learn, but once you do, you will find that you can actually go weeks without wearing your device and not get an erection even once. That is some really impressive control.

Another thing your male chastity marriage is going to give to you is the basic understanding of what it means to be in a relationship with another person that trusts you and wants you to be happy. So many relationships these days are built up around preconceived notions of what you and your partner feel makes them happy. There isn’t a basic component that allows the two of you to see each other in a different light in order to help realize the other person’s happiness. Sure, you may be happy together, but being happy together and letting each other enjoy their own happiness is completely different.

Now, there are going to be some male chastity marriage issues that will pop up from time to time that no amount of discussion is going to fix. One of these issues will probably come to pass around Valentine’s Day and your Anniversary. These two days are extremely important for the romantic aspect that they represent to you and your partner, and if you aren’t willing to take your device off for at least that one night, you may not have to worry about what your partner thinks anymore.

Your male chastity marriage is very important to you and your partner, and you are going to have to make quite a few compromises in order to have a happy marriage. This isn’t like wanting to play golf every weekend with your friends and trying to convince your wife to let you do it. This is basically taking an aspect of a sexual nature completely out of the relationship. When you create a vacuum such as this, you are going to have to replace it with something in order to keep everyone happy. You just have to figure out how you are going to fill that void.

Filling the void that a male chastity marriage can leave is a very difficult thing for most couples. Each person in this lifestyle is different by nature, but trying to figure out how you are going to fill something like this by going your separate ways is never going to work. You have to work together in order to figure out what it is that the two of you can do to make wearing a chastity device pleasing for you and acceptable to her. The best think to try first is activities that the two of you can enjoy together.

Any relationship, not just a male chastity marriage, will become stronger if the two of you can figure out what kind of activities you can do together and actually go out there and do them. Too many people these days sit down and write out all of the activities that they could be doing, and then sit around the house all day instead of going out and doing them. They usually find out the hard way that they are just driving their relationship into an early grave instead of making each other happy and content with being together.

Even if you don’t find anything that the two of you can do together, having a male chastity marriage that is strong is all about the commitment to looking for something that will make you both happy. It’s that commitment of sticking together and doing whatever it takes to find at least one activity that the two of you can do together that will help you make it through those first few months of wearing a chastity device from The first couple of months are always the hardest when it comes to the chastity lifestyle after all.

You should know that every male chastity marriage that is successful has figured out a way of having fun together that doesn’t require an erection. They have also figured out that there are some things you just aren’t going to be able to do while wearing a chastity device in general. Think of how difficult it would be to go rock climbing while you are wearing a metal cage around your cock. Hiking might be fun, but rock climbing requires a bit more freedom than what a chastity device can offer you at times. These are the things you need to consider as well.

Your male chastity marriage could be the happiest marriage on the planet to everyone else, but completely miserable to your partner if you aren’t willing to at least give them some kind of attention in the bedroom. Just because you have decided to live a chaste life and they are allowing you to try it out, doesn’t mean that they are looking to give up sex altogether. They want you to be happy, but they are also wondering what kind of toys they are going to need to purchase to make themselves happy.

It’s one thing to be single and wear a chastity device from; it is a whole different aspect to force a male chastity marriage on someone else out of the blue. Of course, if you have been wearing these items before you meet your partner, then they should already know what to expect from that type of a marriage. They will know what to expect from being with you and they can figure out ways of working around the sexual aspect whenever they need to. The main thing to remember is that you still have to be willing to try things for them as well.

A true male chastity marriage is not a one way street for either one of you. You will both have to make some concessions on things that you might actually want to keep, but by working together to figure out what you are going to give up, it will end up making your relationship together that much stronger. If you think you are going to give your partner no say in any of this, then you probably won’t have to worry about it since you won’t have a partner to be married to and you can wear your device in your new home by yourself.

This male chastity marriage lifestyle is something that both people in the relationship have to agree on together. You have to agree to wear a chastity device from and your partner has to agree to let you wear it. Now, there are some relationships in which the partner will force the other to wear a device like this, but they still get the chance to take them off from time to time. A slave/Master relationship is something that you might be interested in if you think you can handle it. of course.

Whatever reason you have for wanting a male chastity marriage, you should remember that there are two people present. You have to discuss this aspect of living a chaste lifestyle with your partner completely before you live out your fantasy life. If they have any questions. then you should answer them without being defensive in the least. They are new to this lifestyle just like you are and might not fully understand why you would want to live like this. They might even think that it was their fault in pushing you into a lifestyle of this nature, and you are going to have to make sure they understand the real reason behind you choosing this.


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